Day Sheets

Please Note:

Day sheets are unofficial and subject to change. If you see something that is incorrect, please call the national office at 928-684-9566 and notify Tori.


Please notify the office no later than Friday February 3rd if you will not be able to compete on the day you were drawn up. Any changes after that are subject to a fine.

Wickenburg Friday Slack Day Sheets

Wickenburg Saturday Perf Day Sheets

Wickenburg Sunday Perf Day Sheets

Morristown Bull Riding:

Morristown BR FEB Day Sheet

Jimbo Wales Memorial TE:

Jimbo Wales TE Monday Day Sheet

Jimbo Wales TE Tuesday Day Sheet

Jimbo Wales TE Wednesday Day Sheet

Membership Rodeo:

Membership Rodeo Day Sheet

Camp Verde: (Jackpot Ranch)

Camp Verde Day Sheet #1

Camp Verde Day Sheet #2